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#supportthelocals of Cabo Verde is awareness,is giving back, is a way of life,spread the message, give back and leave a positive impact. We stand for equality, equity, sustainability and fair opportunities in economic and tourism development. Our goal is to encourage every tourist or investor visiting the Islands to support the locals. Our encouragement most of all is to support and stimulate the locals in their small businesses.


Awareness so the locals can be seen

Give Back

Give to give back to the community


Spread the message

How it started

Cape Verde a tiny republic with 10 islands in the west coast of Africa with its tiny 500,000 inhabitants "has been making these last 2 years an explosion in the number of tourists visiting the islands. This is in a sense positive but there are also negative aspects to this explosion, especially for the locals, because not all income that comes in actually stays in the country.#supportthelocals was created because of articles that circulated on the internet about the dark side of the all inclusive travel where the locals do not benefit from.
By creating awareness between the locals and the tourists, a positive turn can be given to the local economy in this way." By taking a local taxi, buying at local shops, markets, fishermens, having a tour by a local tourguide, eating at a local restaurants or even better at the locals itself,
you as a visitor of the Cape Verde Islands can make a difference and make sure that the money you spend stays there for the locals to benefit so it can be called not just tourism but fair and sustainable tourism.


We are very honoured to work together with other organizations and business partners that supports the locals of Cabo Verde Islands. We can only create awareness and be seen when we unite and the message is spread.

For some dining Cabo Verde style,Take the chance to explore your options across the islands in their free mobile IOS app or android app . By joining ResiRest, Cape Verdean locals can earn their fair share of tourism.

Sonvela Arte builds self-esteem and creates opportunities for the locals on the jobmarket and in tourism by transforming neighborhoods with painting and graffiti together with the locals.


For holiday in Cape Verde

Their trips are Fair Travel and contribute directly to the local population.

Foundation that contributes to  local children from the age of 0 to 13 years to see their opportunities in the local community


Local Businesses

Find here local shops,restaurants, bars, bakery, markets, beautyshop.

Have you already spotted our flyers?

We strive to spread the message by leaving flyers at local shops, restaurants,bars, taxidrivers, tourguides, little supermarkets, beautyshops etc etc. So if you visit the Islands and you spot a #supportthelocals flyer at one of these places please leave your footprint and give back to the community during your stay.

Santo Antao, the mountain Island


Maio, the desert island 

Sao Vicente, the cultural island


Santiago, the capital Island

Sao Nicolau, the sodade island


Fogo, the vulcano island

Santa Luzia, the uninhabited island


Sal, the salt island 

Arts &Crafts CV, Djunta mo Art , Aiga Cabo Verde, Restaurante Bom Dia, Elvis tours, Goose Guse Cabo verde Sal

Brava, the flower island


Boavista, the dunes island

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